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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as a stakeholder management equally comprising economic, environmental and social aspects (Lueg and Radlach, 2016). 

How does our FemTech Now activity incorporate these three aspects within its strategy?

1. Social dimension


The goal of FemTech Now is to support the market launch and sales development of innovative Women's Health brands in France and  Europe (EU).

In order to pursue our mission, we implement the following selection process.


First, we focus on healthcare products and solutions that meet the following criteria:

  • potential to bring an innovation into the French & EU healthcare markets and improve patients and/or healthcare professionals’ journeys

  • strong emphasis on user experience, as proven on customers' review platforms (ex: Trustpilot...)

  • existence of clinical evidence published in peer-reviewed journals

  • compliance with quality & security standards applicable within the EU and French markets


Second, we work with healthcare professionals who study the scientific and clinical backgrounds of potential partners as well as their chances of success locally. Their feedbacks play an important role within our review process.


Third, as women ourselves, we test the products to get an idea of their quality and durability.

All in all, this selection process enables us to prioritize clinically-validated solutions that we believe have the potential to improve women's health in France & Europe.

2. Economic dimension


Accessible healthcare is important.
Whenever possible, we will work with healthcare providers and payers, be they public or private, to limit out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

The reimbursement pathway can take time in France.
If this milestone cannot be reached in the short term, we aim at selecting brands that present an ultimate reimbursement potential.

We collaborate with experienced Market Access specialists to support this journey.

3. Environmental dimension


We dream of a healthcare system in which medical solutions would be evaluated on three levels:

  • patient's health benefits

  • public economic savings

  • environmental footprint

Research shows that healthcare services cause environmental impacts that range between 1% and 5% of total global impacts.

Adverse effects include greenhouse gases, scarce water use, air pollution and reactive nitrogen in water (Lenzen et al., 2020).

At FemTech Now, we aim at collaborating with Women's Health brands that start to take into account the environmental footprint of their solutions. We believe that’s a key success factor for durable healthcare systems.

Interested in developing this aspect? We can connect you with our network of sustainability specialists in France.

Because environmental health is women's health.


Are you aligned with our vision?

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